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Plants and Floral Design


At Forever Green, we offer numerous services to make your commercial real estate feel alive year-round. To compliment our services, we also offer various leasing options, as well as options that include maintenance and a guarantee that you're plants will stay alive and look aesthetically fit, or we will replace them free of charge.


Interior plant-scapes bring natural beauty into the workplace. The benefits of keeping live plants in your workplace range from fresher air to elevated levels of productivity.


Exterior planters and flower beds are a small addition that make any commercial real estate, both old and new, look lively and generate definite curb appeal.

Floral Design

Hand crafted floral arrangements composed of a selection of fresh cut flowers and other elements ad an elegant touch to any establishment. Weekly rotations ensure variety and freshness.

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Our Story

What started as a “bucket business” in the 1970’s has become a vocation for displaying plants as a work of living art. Add the artistic talents of a burgeoning florist with a crew of personable plant technicians, and you can rest assured that our indoor landscapes, our floral designs, and our outdoor patioscapes are worthy of any commercial enterprise. From small office spaces to walls of living greenery, we love our designs and stand behind their visual impact with a guarantee that ensures the continued appreciation of nature’s opulence for years to come. At Forever Green we specialize in filling your office or small business with real, living plants. We artfully place these plants in an appropriate space where they will not only add ambience, but where they will also thrive and grow. With numerous options that range from single installation, to planter rentals, and even weekly maintenance and care, we offer services that can be afforded by most budgets.

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